EU dictatorship warning!

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Brussels discretely prepares a coup d'état in the 17 countries of the euro-zone.
A new treaty will allow Brussels to take unlimited money from the states' vaults to rescue the euro. The treaty must be ratified by the national parliaments before 31 December 2011.
Of course, the European Union does not want the citizens to learn about it.
This new European Treaty has been signed 11 July '11. Curiously, not a single newspaper, not nationally nor internationally has spent a title on this treaty.

If this treaty gets ratified, it is the end of the sovereign democracies in the euro-zone.

Brussels want the national Parliaments to agree to the treaty before 31 December 2011.

If we hurry, we can still alert the public opinion and try to wake up the Parliamentarians in time!


ESM, the new European dictator! article by Rudo de Ruijter
video by Jozeph Muntenbergh

Are the EU and the euro in crisis? What must we do? What can we do? The EU is planning a new fundamental law, the Treaty for the establishment of the so called European Stability Mechanism. (ESM), the Debt Union. The draft for the ESM is now to be examined by the representatives in Parliament.

Art. 8 The founding capital is 700 billion euros.

I wonder, why, in fact, 700 billions? Where does this amount come from? Who has calculated it and on which basis?

Art. 9.3 ESM Members hereby irrevocably and unconditionally undertake to pay on demand any capital call made on them ... to be paid within 7 days of receipt.

I wonder, nothing. I have understood. When the ESM calls, then things must go fast. Indeed, seven days, that means that with the usual delays in bank transfers we must fill in the check within four days. That is feasible. Just, maybe, what means unconditional and irrevocable? When a new parliament is elected that would not want these fund transfers anymore? They can’t decide that anymore?

Art. 10.1 The Board of Governors may decide to change the authorised capital stock and amend Article 8 .... accordingly.

I wonder, how so? The 700 billion are just the start? So, the ESM can demand more when they wish. Illimitably. And we are then obliged to pay -according to article 9 - irrevocably and unconditionally?

Art. 27.2 The ESM shall have full legal capacity to be a party to legal proceedings; and
Art. 27.3 The ESM, its property, funding and assets shall enjoy immunity from every form of judicial process...

I wonder, the ESM can indict others, but not be indicted themselves?

Art. 27.4 The property, funding and assets of the ESM shall be immune from search, requisition, confiscation, expropriation or any other form of seizure, taking or foreclosure by executive, judicial, administrative or legislative action.

I wonder, immune from interventions by courts? We already mentioned that just before. But also our governments, our administrations and our democratic laws, are all without any right and might against the ESM? It is really very mighty, this ESM!

Art. 30.1 the Governors, alternate Governors, Directors, alternate Directors and other staff members shall be immune from legal proceedings with respect to their acts and shall enjoy inviolability in respect of their official papers and documents.

I wonder, and those who participate in there is inviolable? No responsibility? Towards nobody? And, inviolable documents, does that mean that we are not allowed to damage them, or that we are not even allowed to read them?

A new authority

to which we must transfer illimited funds within seven days, whenever they want us to;
the authority can indict us, we can’t indict them;
all participants enjoy immunity;
no laws apply;
no government can do anything;
the European state households are made subservient to one institution that has not even been elected;

Is that the future of Europe? Is that the new EU? A Europe without souvereign democracies? Do you want that?

If you don’t want that, send an email-petition to your representatives now.

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The treaty becomes definite when the parliaments of the 17 euro-countries will have ratified the ESM-treaty. They are expected to do so between now and 31 December 2011.
ESM Treaty – Setting up the EU Mafia Bank

"What do you do when you get into financial trouble. What do you do when all your friends are in financial trouble as well?

Do you cut your spending? Do you borrow more? or do you, as the European Commission has done:

Set up a company, get all those friends who are in financial trouble to buy shares in your new venture by robbing their taxpayers of huge amounts to raise the paid up capital (details at the bottom), then get all the friendly governments to give this new company legal status, privileges normally reserved for diplomats along with full immunity for all and anything they do whilst working for the company, plan to employ a whole raft of new staff, appoint a Board of Directors and a Managing Director, invoke professional secrecy rules on them all, and get governments to grant immunity to the persons and exempt them from income tax (the company will tax its employees and keep it).

On top of that, ensure that your new company is exempt from all and any kind of registration, regulation, supervision, oversight or taxation and can operate OUTSIDE of all legal structures, AND gets to audit itself whilst leaving the EU Commission as the sole negotiator on loans made by your ‘company’.

That is exactly what the EU Commission have done with their ESM Treaty (European Financial Stabilisation Mechanism). The Mafia could not have done any better. This is racketeering and money laundering on a continental scale."


In Swedish - EU förbereder sig för ”ekonomisk diktatur”

"För att lösa krisen förbereder EU lösningar som tvingar medlemstaterna att ge upp kontrollen över sina egna pengar, en form av ekonomisk diktatur. Sverige måste säga nej till detta, skriver Jan-Erik Gustafsson, ordförande i Folkrörelsen Nej till EU....."


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